The Real Tiger

Couple of months ago I met with an accident. It was not a big one luckily, and I had no traces of pain or swelling after that. But when days went on my right heel started to bulge. I did not expect this even in my dream as there were no complications in my body after the accident took place. With the bulge increasing I started cultivating pain too. This shook my feelings and made me tremble with fear as I did not know what to do. While I was sharing this with my friend in my office, he introduced me the tiger balm and told that it has got great soothing power. I did not accept his words as I was looking for a doctor for treating this complication. But his repeated words made me to pay attention to him and I lend my ears to his utterances. With not much great interest and belief I applied the cream and decided myself to just give it a chance in the morning and visit the doctor during the evening. But I was truly amazed about the changes that I experienced during the transition period. Wow it was really a great feeling once I applied the tiger balm. I felt the reactions taking place once I applied the ointment in my heel. Within thirty minutes I was able to force my heel to the ground which I was not even able to imagine of doing that before. In another two hours I was able to feel the pain decrease to another sixty percent which made me more comfortable. I felt the pain decreasing gradually in a day and never experienced that pain again in my life. Being a football player, I do play and perform well in my games with the pain never coming in my life. And I would like to mention that this all took place with the help of tiger balm.

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